YIN-YANG silk pillowcase set


Make your sleep a luxurious experience. The set contains 2 silk sheets in the required size.

100% natural certified silk



Yin and Yang have been opposites since acient times, which together form a perfect harmony. Thay are forces, energies that, according to Chinese teachings, together create a harmonious life in this world. Only if there energies are in balance in our life, the desired happines comes. If you believe that harmony in life is necessary, you can also express it with this silk set. An original gift with symbolism for both men and women.

Silk pillowcases made of 100% natural silk 

The silk set consists of two sheets, one in pure white and other in dark navy blue color. These are colors that beautifully complete every space where you sleep. Together they form a perfect pair. Falling asleep will be pleasant. An ideal gift for partner who feel like opposites, but together form one beautiful harmonious space.

Advantages of YPNOA silk pillowscase

  • antistatic
  • naturally slippery surface and therefore do not disturb the structure of your hair during the night
  • silk helps to reduce frizziness and brittleness of hair
  • silk pillowcases are a recent global trend among women, who take care of their skin and hair

The silk sheets close with a hidden zipper.

If you wish to make a silk set in a different size, do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@ypnoa.com

Product description

One color, high-quality processed, naturally shiny 100% natural silk, thickness 16.5 momme

Elegant and timeless appearance

Concealed zip fastening

Certified silk pillowcases

YPNOA brand products are made from certified first-class quality natural silk, which was tested by the UNITED TESTING SERVICES (Suzhou) Co., Ltd organization and this checked its quality according to the standards of CMA, ILAC, MRA Testing organization and CNAS Testing organization.


Silk sheets are washed with delicate linen by hand or in the washing machine at 30°C. When washing in the washing machine, was the sheets in the protective cover for washing, which you will receive in the package (when ordering at least 2 sets of sheets). Protect from sharp objects that could damage your sheets and cause unsightly creases in the fabric. Sheets can be ironed at a low setting. Also protect from direct sunlight, dry away from a hot radiator.

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You need sizePillowcase size
S50 x 50 cm
M50 x 70 cm
L70 x 90 cm

Additional information

Pillow size

L, M, S

YIN-YANG silk pillowcase set