ENVELOPE silk pillowcase


Premium mulberry silk sheet. Treat yourself and protect your skin and hair. Choose silk pillowcase in your favorite color.

100% natural mulberry silk pillowcase



The ENVELOPE silk pillowcase is a pleasant companion everytime you fall asleep. It does not have a zipper, the pillow simply slips into it and hugs it from all sides. Sleeping on a silk pillow will be the perfect rest for you. Look forward to your bed and sleep well. Treat yourself to 100% rest after a hard day. The elegant pearl and the softness of the fabric is a duo that always harmonizes together and transforms your bed into a oasis of peace.

ENVELOPE silk sheet in beautiful bright colors 

Do you want to make your bed special? Choose from a number of colors that will captivate you with their shine. We achieve the shine of the silk mainly thanks to the premium input cocoons. We make YPNOA silk pillocases for you from high-quality 6A silk. Our silk is also made with a unique weaving technique, thanks to which it has a pearly sheen that looks very luxurious. Fine silk fibers are woven into a specific breathable texture. We use just fine threads and needles for sewing.

We recommend silk to people with fine hair of sensitive skin

Since silk is a natural material, it will provide your skin and hair with natural care. It does not irritate, dry or grease the skin. Moisture remains in the hair from evening to morning. You won´t wake up in the morning with greasy hair, as is often the case after sleeping on a synthetic fabric. You can sleep on a silk sheets all year round.

Product description

One-color, high-quality processed, naturally shiny 100% natural silk

Elegant and timeless appearance

No zip, envelope style

Silk strength: white 22 momme, light gold 19 momme, other colors 16.5 momme

Do you wish to make silk pillowcase in a different size or in a different color? Email us at info@ypnoa.com

Certified silk

YPNOA brand products are made from certified first-class quality natural silk, which was tested by UNITED TESTING SERVICES (Suzhou) Co., Ltd organization and thus checked its quality according to the standards of  CMA, ILAC, MRA Testing organisation and CNAS Testing organisation.


Our YPNOA products should be washed with delicate linen by hand or in the washing machine at 30°C. When washing in the washing machine, was the sheets in the protective cover for washing, which you will receive in the package (when ordering at least 2 sheets). Protect from sharp objects that could damage your sheets and cause unsightly creases in the fabric. SHeets can be ironed at a low setting Also protect from direct sunlight, dry away from a hot radiator


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Additional information


Alabaster, Dark Charcoal, Light gold, Light violet, Mint, Mocha Khaki, Royal rubin red, Salmon pink, white, Black, Dark blue, Emerald green, Hot pink, Light pink, Royal blue, silver, Sky blue


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ENVELOPE silk pillowcase