YPNOA is a young brand that was founded in 2019. It combines luxury, elegance, delicacy and a special approach to women´s evening fashion and beauty routines. Romantic, attractive, sensual, but always tasteful and decent. YPNOA products are exactly like that. They are unsurpassed byt their first-class quality of materials and attention to detail.

All YPNOA products are made by hand, which gives them a high degree of uniqueness and precision. YPNOA follows the motto "Conquer the night", which means that it is here for ladies who want to feel sensual and beautiful even in the comfort of ther own home because they just deserve it.

The name YPNOA comes from the name of the anciet Greek god of sleep Hypnos. Hypnos was not only the God of sleep, but also sleep itself. He came to the world every night with his mother. He wandered the country quietly. He walked on lad and sea and sent sleep to all living things, to people, animals and all nature.

Peaceful sleep, without hardships and worries, sleep full of beautiful dreams. Hypnos was often depicted as a gentle young man with wings instead of ears. He lived in the far north in the realm of the Kimmerians. His home was a dark cave full of dreams, poppies and plants with an intoxicating scent. YPNOA is the female embodiment of Hypnos.

YPNOA is worn by a woman who loves luxury and wants to enjoy it even when she is relaxing. Our brand values sleep because it is a regular state of rest that every person needs every day. Quality rest and sleep is very rare in today´s hectic world, which the creators of the YPNOA are well aware of.