Silk curler set TWIRL


A silk curler is a great helper if you want to have soft waves in the morning. In the morning, your hair will be hydrated, curled and not electrified.

The curler is covered with real 100% silk.


: When you order 2 sets, we will gift-wrap your orders for free


Treat yourself to a beautiful hairstyle and wavy hair without having to go to the hairdresser. Wake up with beautifully shaped curls that also look natural. The silk hair curler is ideal for regular use in the comfort of your home, while you sleep.

Hair curling without burning

You simply wrap your hair around the silk curler and the result is beautiful waves. At the same time, you do not unnecessarily burn the hair, as is the case when curling. Styling hair with hot air or a hot cruling iron strips of moisture, shine, and sidrupts hair fibers. A silk curler will never damage your hair.

A beautiful hairstyle that costs almost nothing

When using a curling iron or styling comb, you usually need to connect your device to electricity. A silk hair roller curls them without heat, thus saving your wallet from additional cost.

Hair curling set includes

1 long silk curler; diameter 2.5cm, lenght 92 cm

2 pcs YPNOA silk elastic scrunchies, size 3.5cm

The silk winder is filled with cotton fiber.

How to use the hair curler set

The hair must be dry but must have a hair straightener on it for a better effect.

Divide the hair around the entire circumference of the head (from ear to ear) with a path, place the curler exactly in the middle, attach e.g. tweezers.

Start wrapping the strands, picking them up alternately from the front and back.

Once you have your desired hair wrapped, place a rubber band on both ends to secure it in position.

You do net need to pass hot air from the hair dryer.

The silk curler helps shape your hair into soft, natural looking waves

After unwinding, fix the waves with varnish. How long the hair will be wavy also depends on the texture of your hair. You can use the silk curler repeatedly and regularly. You can use the YPNOA silk head for a plaful updo and don´t forget to sleep on our natural silk pillowcase for ideal hair routine.

A silk curler can also be an original Christmas gift for a woman, wife or friend. Mak yourself happy give it as a practical gift for your mother, sister or colleague. Silk products always benefit a woman´s beauty.

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Light gold, Light violet, white, Black, Light pink, Sky blue

Silk curler set TWIRL