Silk scarf SILKTOUCH


The YPNOA silk scarf is an accessory you will love. It will nicely protect a woman´s neck in the summer from burning, in the winter from the first cold.

100% natural mulberry silk




The SILKTOUCH silk scarf is a quality accessory that can elevate any outfit to perfection. You can wear a silk scarf around your neck as a discreet accessory, or wrapped around the handle of your favorite handbag. Or even elegantly tied to a wicker basket. Natural silk looks very luxurious.

The silk scarf will immediately win you over with its bright color. If you want a scarf in a different specific size, or if you want a colored scarf, please contact us at

A silk scarf will bring sophostication to your wardrobe

Silk scarves have been a trend since time immemorial, and every elegant lady had to own a high-quality silk scarf. Gently tied around the neck gave the wearer not only a touch of luxury. On hot days, it protected the skin of the neck from the aggressive rays of the sun. Covered the neck so its owner appeared mysterious, decent, distinguished.

Silk scarves YPNOA are modern everyday

Even the ancient ladys in Egypt loved silk scarves. They expressed a high social status. Only the richest ladies wore silk scarves. Ladies of lower status wore scarves made of more affordable materials, like satin is.

Comeback for silk scarves

Today, silk scarves are experiencing a rebirth. Silk is a natural material that envelops the neck in a pleasant feeling. You don´t need to worry about sweating. The silk has a natural cooling sensation. An ideal accessory if you are going on vacation. Protect your neck from burning. In autumn days, it can protect against the first cold.

Product description

Size of the scarf: 50 x 50cm

Silk strenght: 16 momme

Silk scarves are available in solid colors, please contact us for color variants.

We recommend wearing a silk hair band with scarf. Be sure to also try our charming silk bow headband.

Certified silk

YPNOA brand products are made from certified first-class quality natural silk, which was tested by UNITED TESTING SERVICES (Suzhou) Co., Ltd organization and thus checked its quality according to the standards of  CMA, ILAC, MRA Testing organisation and CNAS Testing organisation.


Our YPNOA products should be washed with delicate linen by hand or in the washing machine at 30°C. When washing in the washing machine, was the silk scarf in the protective cover for washing, which you will receive in the package (when ordering at least 3 scarfs). Protect from sharp objects that could damage your scarf and cause unsightly creases in the fabric. Scarf can be ironed at a low setting. Also protect from direct sunlight, dry away from a hot radiator.


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Additional information


Light gold, Light violet, white, Black, Hot pink, Light pink, Royal blue, Sky blue

Silk scarf SILKTOUCH